Former Programs

Spring 2020Nepal and India
Winter Break 2020Race for the White House
Fall 2019Prague and the Czech Republic
Summer 2019Iceland
Summer 2019Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia
Summer 2019Lake District, England
Spring 2019Ireland
Winter Break 2018/2019Israel, Palestine, and Jordan
Fall 2018Greece, Turkey, and Italy
Summer Break 2018Malta and the United Kingdom
Spring 2018New Zealand
Winter Break 2017/2018St. Lucia & Grenada
Fall 2017England
Fall 2017Peru
Summer 2017Slovenia
Summer 2017Ireland
Winter 2017Music in Europe
Fall 2016Prague
Fall 2016Greece and Italy
Summer 2016France
Spring 2016Finland
Winter Break 2015St. Lucia
Winter Break 2015Race to the White House
Fall 2015Japan
Spring 2015India and Nepal
Spring 2015Argentina
Winter Break 2014Dominica
Fall 2014England
Summer 2014Russia in Nice, France
Summer 2014Spain
Spring Break 2014Trinidad
Fall 2013Greece & Turkey
Fall 2013Prague
Summer 2013Tibet
Spring 2013Peru
Spring 2013Performing Arts
Winter 2013St Lucia
Fall 2012Japan
Summer 2012Iceland
Spring Break 2012Trinidad
Spring 2012France
Fall 2011England
Fall 2011Greece & Turkey
Spring 2011China
Spring 2011Prague
Winter Quarter 2011Brazil
Fall Quarter 2010Japan
Fall Quarter 2010Nepal
Summer 2010Mongolia
Spring Quarter 2010Peru
Winter Quarter 2010Hawaii
Winter Break 2009Vietnam
Fall Quarter 2009India
Summer 2009France
Spring Quarter 2009Greece
Winter Quarter 2009Australia
Winter Quarter 2009New Zealand
Winter Break 2008Caribbean
Fall Quarter 2008England
Fall Quarter 2008Japan
Spring Quarter 2008China
Spring Quarter 2008Germany/Austria
Winter Quarter 2008Hawaii
Fall Quarter 2007India
Fall Quarter 2007Peru
Summer 2007Mongolia
Spring Quarter 2007New Orleans
Spring Quarter 2007New Zealand
Winter Quarter 2007Austria
Winter Break 2006Japan
Fall Quarter 2006England
Spring Quarter 2006France
Spring Quarter 2006San Francisco Field Program
Winter Quarter 2006Yellowstone Field Program
Winter Break 2005ArtQuest Field Progam
Fall Quarter 2005Himalayan Kingdom
Spring Quarter 2005Austria-Germany
Spring Quarter 2005New Zealand
Winter Quarter 2005Europe Music
Winter Quarter 2005Japan
Winter Break 2004Mexico
Fall Quarter 2004China and Mongolia
Spring Quarter 2004Hawaii
Winter Quarter 2004San Francisco
Winter Quarter 2004Australia
Fall Quarter 2003Nepal
Fall Quarter 2003France
Spring Quarter 2003Mountain Quest
Spring Quarter 2003New Zealand
Winter Quarter 2003Studio Art
Fall Quarter 2002Japan
Fall Quarter 2002China and Vietnam
Spring Quarter 2002Germany and Austria
Spring Quarter 2002San Francisco
Winter Quarter 2002Music
Winter Quarter 2002Peru
Fall Quarter 2001Russia
Spring Quarter 2001Nepal
Winter Quarter 2001Berlin
Winter Break 2000Hawaii
Winter Break 2000England and Scotland 
Fall Quarter 2000Japan
Fall Quarter 2000South Africa
Spring Quarter 2000San Francisco Field Program
Winter Quarter 2000Studio Art
Fall Quarter 1999Venezuela
Fall Quarter 1999China
Spring Quarter 1999Nepal