Health & Safety

The safety and well-being of students who are studying abroad is extremely important to us. The following information and resources are intended to guide students on health and safety issues related to study abroad. 

The Study Abroad Office monitors various sources daily to assess and manage risk factors of the countries where Principia programs travel. They compile reports prior to program departure and diligently track safety updates while groups are in-country.

COVID-19 Vaccination Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges that require an informed approach to ensure ongoing safety for Principia College study abroad programming. Recent positive progress is encouraging and, to the extent risks can be mitigated, the Principia Study Abroad Office is committed to offering opportunities to study abroad through our approved upcoming programs should travel conditions improve as anticipated.

Uncertainties with international travel include the possibility of airlines, the U.S. government, foreign governments, and/or in-country partner program providers requiring COVID-19 (or other) vaccinations. Information or evidence about participants’ status with regard to Covid-19 vaccination may be required by these entities. Program participants may be subject to these requirements, and need to be aware of them. Failure to comply with these requirements may mean inability to travel or participate in the study abroad program.

In order to manage the uncertainties of international travel safely and effectively, the Study Abroad Office will collect COVID-19 vaccination information, from all participating program faculty, staff, and students.

Pre-Departure Risk & Safety Session

During the term prior to the in-country portion of the program, the study abroad program manager will facilitate a risk and safety, and travel awareness session for the program students.

Participant Health Information

Health information is collected from all program participants, including faculty and staff. Your program manager will send you the link below when it is time for each program to complete the form.

This form is required for each student who has been admitted to a study abroad program that is sponsored or approved by Principia College. It does not affect admission, and it will only preclude participation if appropriate accommodations are unavailable at the foreign site. This form allows the Study Abroad Office staff to identify participants who may require assistance, clarify individual needs, and make preparations for adequate support. This form also collects a participant’s COVID-19 vaccination status.



The Study Abroad Office maintains two insurance providers/policies for each program/participant.

The first is a group international insurance coverage policy, through The Principia corporate insurance policy package. The second is an individual policy, for each participant, purchased through a third-party vendor.

Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency during which families are unable to reach students, please contact us

Family emergency contacts should have a valid passport in case you need to travel to support the student, as well as copies of the following documents: 

  • Student’s passport
  • Flight information
  • Program Itinerary