Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to study abroad as a post-graduate student?

Seniors who graduate in September, January, or May, having completed all academic requirements, are eligible to re-enroll as a student and participate in a study abroad. You will have extended access to Principia email and Canvas through the program.

When can I go on a study abroad program?

Post-grads can apply for programs per the following: if you graduate in September or January, you can do a winter break or spring program; if you graduate in May, you can do a summer program. If accepted, you would be required to participate in all required, on-campus courses and program meetings for the study abroad program, as well as meet paperwork submission deadlines.

Will the study abroad program courses be included on my transcripts?

Yes, the program courses and grades will be listed on your transcripts. You will need to have completed all your major requirements prior to graduation, but these courses will be added to your overall Principia transcript and factored into your GPA. Post-grad students are expected to be fully engaged in the academic and group learning components of the program.

Will I receive financial aid for this program?

Financial aid will not be extended to cover your study abroad program as a post-graduate participant. You will be eligible for the Study Abroad Grant. For more information, contact the Study Abroad Office –, or stop by the School of Government, Suite 160.

Do I get to participate in the graduation ceremony?

Yes, you will participate in all graduation-related activities as you will have completed your Principia degree requirements. Summer programs leave very quickly after graduation, so you will need to plan ahead and be prepared to leave Principia and be out of the country for four to six weeks.

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