Principia Study Abroad International Travel Policy

In the event that the U.S. Department of State issues a Level 4 – Do Not Travel and/or the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issues a Warning Level 3 – Avoid all non-essential travel, the Institution will not support Principia-sponsored travel to the destination(s).**

The Principia Study Abroad Office conducts on-going holistic reviews and risk assessments for all program destinations. The decision to adjust, postpone, or cancel a Principia Study Abroad program will be informed by various risk assessment information, tools, and vendors; with the final recommendation given by the Director of Study Abroad to the Dean of Academics, for a final decision.  

**COVID-19 Context: Exceptions to this policy may be made after assessing local risk and health conditions.

Guidelines for Program Cancellation

Under these conditions a Program may be considered for cancellation:

  • A Principia Study Abroad Program may be cancelled in response to the International Travel Policy.
  • Principia Study Abroad risk and safety assessments deem international travel or specific international location(s) unviable for Principia-sponsored, student group international travel.
  • The program faculty is unable or unwilling to proceed with leading the program.
  • It is deemed by the College Administration that the program faculty is unfit to lead the program.