Guidelines for Faculty Book and Supply Purchases

As with any academic course, book and supply purchases are the responsibility of the corresponding Department. 

Each Study Abroad program may allocate a small budget-line for books and supplies that are directly related to cultural and/or country-specific learning.

To determine if a book is paid for by the faculty’s Academic Department or by the Study Abroad program we look to see what material is covered in the book: is the content related to the academic work of the trip or the logistical side of the trip?  For example, if a guidebook to Vienna were purchased it would be associated with the logistical side of the trip and the program would pay for it.  If a book about the life of Beethoven were bought, it is associated with the academic side of the trip, and the faculty’s Department would pay for it.  Books associated with a SPST 280: Orientation or SPST 285: Country Studies course can be paid for by the study abroad program.

All book and supply purchases made utilizing study abroad program budget resources, should be pre-approved by the study abroad program manager.