Guidelines for Students Applying to Participate in Multiple Programs

  1. Students applying to participate in an additional study abroad, during their time at Principia, are given lower priority in acceptance than those applicants who have yet to participate in a study abroad or field program. However, there are some instances when a student may be accepted to an additional program:
    • Academics – the study abroad or field program provides an academic experience needed by the student as part of his/her major. Even though the program supports the major, all other on-campus options should be considered before accepting this applicant for an additional program.
    • Undersubscribed – sometimes a study abroad or field program is under subscribed, which means that there are fewer qualified applicants than the number planned for the program. In this case, applicants for an additional study abroad are welcomed.
    • Group dynamics (Aptitude and Attitude) – the experience provides a leadership opportunity for the applicant and/or the student brings a significant and desired leadership contribution to the program. In these situations, the faculty and accepted student need to be clear and explicit about these expectations and roles.
  1. Students applying to participate in a third study abroad should only be considered if the program is under subscribed.
  1. Break Programs The faculty should honor the spirit of the above guidelines in evaluating students who are applying for a full semester program after having already participated in a break program or are applying for a break program after already participating in a full semester program.
  1. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Please see the Study Abroad Office statement on and commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, in consideration of student selection.