Current & Upcoming Programs

Summer 2024

Nepal Study Abroad

Presents and Futures of Climate Change in Mustang, Nepal

Led by Dane Carlson, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, and Dr. Nicholas Johnson, Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Economics

New Zealand Study Abroad

A Visual Journey through New Zealand’s Bicultural and Multicultural Landscape

Led by Stephanie Bauer, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Fall 2024

Ecuador & the Galapagos

Dr. Scott Eckert, Professor of Biology and Natural Resources, with Chris Young, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, and Dr. Cecily Lee, Visiting Faculty

Spring 2025

Italy & Malta

Jenna Fisher, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, and Sara Phillips de Borja, Instructor of Art History

Summer 2025

French Polynesia (Tahiti & Other Islands)

Dr. Julien Ekiaka Oblazamengo, Assistant Professor of Languages and Culture


Chris Young, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, and Allison Terry, Visiting Faculty