This Spanish language program is designed to provide an immersion experience for students learning Spanish at the 102 levels (formally 105) or above. This program is also designed for students to understand and experience the widespread nature of the use of Spanish in different international settings. The main focus includes experiencing the juxtaposition of the internationalism of the Spanish language embedded in the deep cultural history of Salamanca, Spain. Salamanca is considered one of the best possible locations for learning the Spanish language and culture. Salamanca has a firm identity as an intellectual center in Spain and Europe. Salamanca, the quintessential Spanish medieval university city, is one of the safest cities in Europe, and home to great cultural sites and Spanish language instruction. Salamanca will act as our base with three weekend excursions: Segovia, Toledo, and Madrid.

Students on this abroad will be guided, with the aid of a structured framework and targeted conversations on engaging the locals on several relevant topics in order to reflect and record their cultural experiences. The range of these topics will be wide and include the quality of their interactions with the local people, reactions to the food, music, dancing, sports, history, and the demands for adaptations that are necessary when interacting with a culture different from their own. The homestays are the core of the cultural program.