1996 Journal Entry: “Thinking back on the week…”

It was amazing to get there–everybody called it a miracle. The day before, the airport was closed; people had been waiting to get to Jackson Hole for two days (from Salt Lake City airport). We arrived, ran around the Salt Lake airport a bit and hopped on a plane. There were only two flights out of Salt Lake into Jackson Hole on that day. Our group was on the first and Katie Pratt on the second. Then we were snowed in for four days. The school had been snowed in before we got there, we arrived, and then we were snowed in again. We could not have come any earlier or later.

The plan for Thursday was to go to the Elk Refuge, and on Wednesday the road opened. The temperatures were around -30 to -10 F but we were all prepared. I stayed basically warm and I still have all my fingers and toes. (My fingers and toes were the only parts that ever came close to numb.) I was prepared and God took care of me. He has been doing all this taking care of me–am I taking care to learn more about Him and His children??

from the journal of Rachel McVey
written on the plane ride JAC>STL
1996 Teton Trip

1996 Participants

Katie Pratt
Mindy Frantzen
Rebekkah Driessen
Marika? McCauley
Kristy Miller
Lisa Thompson
J.J. Swan
Andrew Seay
Barry Huff
Jenny Lyons
Devon Cornthwaite
Jon Bonkowski
Ashlee Williams
Dottie Miles
Donia Lilly
Ginger Munt
Cindy Tibble
Katherine Burgdorff
Whitney Messner
Guy Aiken
Cori Knight
Suzanne Waters
Rachel McVey

Principia Staff:
Skip Mange – Physics Teacher
Lynn Knapp – English Teacher
Mary Browne – Home Economics Teacher

Writing Instructor:
Tarn Wilson – Palo Alto, CA High School English Teacher

Art Instructor:
Greg Houda – Jackson, WY High School Art Teacher