I knew I would go back there…


One of the most memorable experiences in high school!
The Teton Trip tied together some of my favorite things: writing, being out in the cold, dabbling in art and being with people in a challenging environment. I remember writing in my diary that I knew I would go back there… and I did. I think I’ve been back 7 times since then, mostly as a climber, but also as a student, sometimes winter, sometimes summer. That trip helped plant some of the seeds which grew into my college major and then a career in the outdoors. I loved the camaraderie between students and teachers and the chance to learn and grow in an informal way while still garnering a valid academic and artistic product–all in the world’s largest intact (non-polar) ecosystem. This was a pretty special opportunity.”

Sune Tamm-Buckle
1999 Teton Trip

Above: Sune on the summit of Grand Teton in 2005

1999 Participants

Hillary Berckmann
Allison Cady
Kara Cox
Ben Crandell
Hannah Fulton
Allison Gates
Megan Glen
Jenna Gorski
Derek Grier
Allison Hays
Jonathan Kidder
Ginger Mack
Merrilee McFarland
Sara Mesing
Sarah Moore
Kristen Olsen
Abigail Patterson
Nina Petteys
Devon Reehl
Brenda Robbins
Robin Roemer
Lindsay Shick-Heath
Abigail Swartz
Sune Tamm-Buckle
Lauren Warboy

Principia Staff:
Lynn Lyons – French Teacher
Peter Martin
Lisa Kensler – Biology Teacher

Writing Instructor:
Tarn Wilson – Palo Alto, CA High School English Teacher

Art Instructor:
Greg Houda – Jackson, WY High School Art Teacher