Getting Ready for the 2009 Trip… Here it comes!

You know that silly feeling you get when it’s almost time to go back to camp? or when it’s almost Christmas? The Teton Trip is a kind of Christmas/camp combination. And it’s almost that time again…

The 2009 Teton Trip leaves STL for the Teton Science School in Kelly, WY on Sunday 25 January 2009. As we get our gear together over Christmas break, I wanted to share these pictures from the 2008 trip with you. 🙂 (The snow is already falling in Kelly as I am writing this post. Heh heh…)


Above: Writing and Art Instructors Michael Booth and Kristin Serafini with matching weasel hats.


Some discoveries happen in the classroom (above)… but most of them happen outside! (below)


Day One

Beginnings: journalling, x-country skiing, and hoohas.

Moose in the falling snow.
Can you spot the moose. It’s the blob surrounded by falling snow.

Definition of a winter wonderland.
This could be the picture for the definition of a winter wonderland.

Teaching in the Lodge
Michael Booth talks to the students about the relationship between science and art.

Soaking it in
The students are soaking it in.

Krisitin joins in on the teaching
Krisitin gets in on the teaching.

The joy of learning.
In this atmosphere, the students can rediscover their joy of learning.

Ian's couch pose
Ian finds a comfortable position for journaling.

Artists at work
Students working on Blind Contour drawing with a walnut.

Out in the Field
X-country skiing out in the fresh powder.

The first fall
The first fall. Delali became expert at the art of getting up after falling.

Lounging at lunch
Kevin finds a great place to lounge for lunch.

Lunch Break
We break out the hoohas for lunch.

A Natural Arch
Students ski under a natural arch.

A Peak at Grand Teton
We got a short peak at Grand Teton through the clouds.

Our Cabin
Our cabin is in the background in the middle of the frame.

Monday Sunrise


We arrived at the Jackson Hole, WY airport at about 11:30pm Sunday night. The waxing half moon helped us find our cabins at the Teton Science School. We probably had the kids in bed by 1am, and got a late start the next morning. We pushed breakfast back to 8:30am Monday morning. This is what I saw on Monday 29 January 2007 when I stepped out of my cabin (Sleeping Indian) at 8:19am.

Day five – presentations

Group photo – 2007
Back: LP (Trip Leader), Jody (Host), Ellen (Writing Instructor), Alyssa (Sponsor), Christian, Mike (Teton Faculty) CĂ©dric, Nate, Brock (Sponsor), Adrienne (Teton Instructor), Andrew (Teton Instructor), Kristin (Art Instructor)
Middle: Jodie, Andrés, Charlotte, Rachelle, Nick
Front: Caroline, Karlin, Dana, Samuel, Keith

Research Presentations:








Plane for home
Our plane for the trip home.

Day five – last day.

Morning hike up to Coyote Rock. (-40 F w/wind chill)

Trekking up to Coyote Rock

Snowshoeing up to Coyote Rock in the morning.
Breakfast in the snow.

Breakfast in the snow.

One last rise.

One last rise to the top.

Distant Tetons

View from Coyote Rock

Fab Five

Fabulous Five: LP, Ellen, Kristin, Brock & Alyssa.
Out of the Wind

Out of the wind.
Journalling time

Journaling diehard.

Chris Journalling again.


Caroline Journalling

Caroline adds color to her journal.

CĂ©dric adding to the community journal.

CĂ©dric adds to the community journal.

Day four.

Loving the Field Work

Loving the field work — reading tracks.


Nate working with his group on their science project presentation.


Karlin doing some journaling.


Samuel listens to his group as they get ready to defend their hypothesis.

Teton Sunset

Sunset on the Teton Range.

Sunset on the Teton Range

Grand Teton sunset.

Enjoying the Concert

Listening to Beth McIntosh concert.

Concert in the Lodge

A concert in the lodge. The students loved the soulful, earthy music.
Beth McIntosh

Beth McIntosh picks a thoughtful tune.

Day three.

Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle on Telephone Pole. Spotted by Christian on return trip from Elk Refuge.

Picture Time
Standing to get good shots of the Elk.

Binoculars were useful to get a closer look.

A lot to see on the Elk Refuge.

Approaching Elk
Approaching Elk on their daily trek from the feeding area.

Locking Antlers
Young Elk learning to fight.

Bambi has the largest rack on the refuge.

Sleigh Ride in Elk Refuge
Sleigh ride out to the Elk herd.

Moose in Morning
Moose walking through camp in the morning.

Day two.

Backlit Snow Scene
Near the end of the Snowshoe trail.

Heading Home
One last hill before home.

Up the Trail
Finding a new vantage point to gather clues about the nature of the Teton Range.

Making a journal entry.

Back to studies
Back to studies.

Frisbee Time
A little time for playing in the snow. A frisbee diversion.

A brief survey.
Looking for signs to answer to the question, “What happened here?”

Lesson in the snow
The group gets a lesson on gathering clues and observing the surroundings.

Day one.

Learning to Dra
Learning to draw; Blind drawing exercise.

Field Work
Digging a snow pit to take measurements.

Learning to Ski
Learning to crosscountry ski. Gliding without poles.
Salty Moose
Moose love to lick the salt off of the cars.
Sunrise on our first Teton morning.
Christian finds a good shot.
CĂ©dric works on his journal in the airport during our six hour delay in Dallas.