Friday -Celebration Day

We took a challenging ski up to the highest point on the TSS campus to celebrate our experiences.

The first climb.

A short break before tackling our next climb.

A moment to reflect.

... and up through the conifer.

Breaking out of the conifer and into the sunshine.

Just a little more climbing to go.

Our summit is in sight.

Time for a group photo to mark our celebration.

Everyone agrees that lunch in the field is the best meal.

Lunch with a view.

Heading down can be trickier than climbing up.

Another slope to go.

Thursday – Research Day

A warming hot chocolate after a morning ski before breakfast.

One group researched tracks around this elk kill.

Track made by the wing of a raven or magpie.

Coyote tracks.

Katie explains how we can tell it was an older female elk.

Nate and Ron eat lunch with a great view.

The ski back to campus under the gaze of Grand Teton.

Research Presentations:

Wednesday 2011 -Day 3

A day full of nature, art and wildlife.

The group at the Murie Ranch.

Doing a writing exercise in Adolph and Louise Murie's house.

Deanna works on her assignment by a window.

The students work in their journals on the bank of the Snake River.

A bull elk on the Elk Refuge.

"Can't quite reach that itch."

Two bulls spar while a third referees.

Sarah pets the nose of one of the sleight horses.

Our driver, Lynn.

Anna studies a painting in the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

A wolf tries to sneak up on some bighorn sheep.

The sheep watch warily as the wolves pass by.

Writing and art with Matt and Greg.

Tuesday 2011 -Day 2

A sun warmed day on the slopes of the terminal moraine at the foot of the Tetons.

Creative writing with Matt Daly at the Bradley Taggert Visiting Center.

Deanna works on a poem.

Matt talks about how to get ideas for something to write about.

The group works on their writing by this big window.

Ross and Deanna look over displays in the Visitor's Center.

Zach and Anna look for details to write about.

Ron refines the stanzas of his poem.

A poem develops for Nate.

Heidi points out important aspects of the Teton Range terrain.

At the Bradley Taggert trail head.

The Ripping Riparian Group poses on a bridge heading up to the moraine.

The sun heated up our day. Perfect for our research.

Ron and Anna research the species of Conifer -- Subalpine Fir.

Katie points out evidence of a relatively recent burn.

Carrie was caught during a game of "Camouflage".

Heading down from Bradley Taggert.

Sarah reflects in her journal about her experience up in the Bradley Taggert trail.

Sarah reflects in her journal about her experience up in the Bradley Taggert trail.

Greg worked with the students on values and shading.

Clay gets into some detail on his drawing.

Ross gets some help from Greg.

In the Murie Museum, Doug talks about the Murie's and their contribution to conservation.

Sarah sketches one of Olaus Murie's stuffed animals.

Monday 2011 – Day 1 evening.

Greg Houda works with the students on art.

Blind contour drawing exercise.

Greg point out details to Ross.

Deanna and Adam do blind contour portraits of each other.

Conner and Anna do blind contour portraits of each other.

Greg Houda demonstrates gesture drawing.

Jonathan talks to the students about tracking.

Sarah writes a description of a plaster mould of a beaver track.

Monday 2011 -Day 1

We a perfect first day.

Creative Writing

Matt Daly gives a lesson on creative writing.


Adam works on a writing exercise.

Introduction from Heidi on our first day in the field.

A fun relay to help the students learn cross-country skiing.

We head out for the Riparian community to find a place for lunch.

Clay and Adam stand to their knees in snow before settling in for lunch.

Carrie enjoys her lunch.

Heidi draws a map in the snow for group 2.

Group 2 has a tough climb.

The climb was worth it for a view of Grand Teton.

We skied to an area to study the Sage Brush community.

A grand view of the Tetons.

Beautiful scenery everywhere.

Emily finds a comfortable spot to journal.

Heading to an Aspen community.

Light filters through the Aspens.

Time for some animal cookies.

A little downhill skiing.

Adam found an icicle almost as long as him.

A weasel jumps the track with a mouse in it's mouth.