There’s nothing like the silence of snow…

“I learned that there is nothing like the silence of the snow, that moose leave steaming nests behind when you spook them out of their naps, that you should never try to birdwatch or explore nature with loud friends, that sunrises are not my thing (sunsets are), that moose scat looks edible (one girl tried it before she realized it was a joke played by another guy), that I CAN draw, that I like wood stoves better than furnaces, that you have to stay on paths when the snow is deep, that I can live without meat, and that I feel most alive when I’m cold.”

Kathryn (Hosmer) Thompson
Alton, IL
1984 Teton Trip

1984 Journal Entry:”I leave my usual routine…”

I leave St. Louis and my usual monotonous routine for a place completely out of my experience. My name is Geoff Hufford and coming from Tucson AZ, the Grand Tetons of Wyoming is completely different than anywhere I’ve been. This is the journal of my trip…

January 29 – After four takeoffs and landings the terrain became snow covered and mountaineous. Christy Shultz had never been on an airplane before. 17 mile drive to school. All boys in cabin 1, and Me, Arthur, Eddie, Paul, and Bill roomed together. Went exploring and tromping through the snow. Ate good chicken dinner followed by a meeting and slideshow. Started stove in room and it got REALLY HOT! I’m up for learning how to cross country ski.

from the journal of Geoff Hufford
1984 Teton Trip