Getting Ready for the 2009 Trip… Here it comes!

You know that silly feeling you get when it’s almost time to go back to camp? or when it’s almost Christmas? The Teton Trip is a kind of Christmas/camp combination. And it’s almost that time again…

The 2009 Teton Trip leaves STL for the Teton Science School in Kelly, WY on Sunday 25 January 2009. As we get our gear together over Christmas break, I wanted to share these pictures from the 2008 trip with you. 🙂 (The snow is already falling in Kelly as I am writing this post. Heh heh…)


Above: Writing and Art Instructors Michael Booth and Kristin Serafini with matching weasel hats.


Some discoveries happen in the classroom (above)… but most of them happen outside! (below)


Day Four

Research Day: Tracks and Snow Pits.

Adding colors
Adding color to the pages.

Blending Colors
Emily rubs the colors to blend them into natural hues.

Sketching designs
Delali Sketches out her thoughts in interesting designs.

Snow pit digging
We had two research groups. One looked for answers in a snow pit, while the other hunted for tracks in different ecotones.

Hunting for tracks in the Sage Ecotone.
The trackers search the Sagebrush Ecotone.

Time for play
There is always time for some play.

Deep pockets
Sarah finds an air-pocket and sinks up to hear knee despite wearing snowshoes.

Tasting Sage
Now Genevieve knows what sage tastes like.

Finding the layers
Charlie brushes off the looser snow to find the layers.

Snow height
With the layers revealed, Delali can measure them for their research data.

Aspen Ecotone
One of the snow pits was dug in the Aspen Ecotone.

What's to learn from snow?
It takes a group effort to collect all of the necessary data.

Study in the conifer
Sarah sits in the snow to record her data about the tracks she has discovered.

Following tracks
Mrs. VanRiper and Genevieve have found some tracks to identify deep in the Conifer Ecotone.

Deep in the conifer
The pines leave only small openings to the sky.

Moose stop
Sarah nearly stumbled upon this resting moose.

Day Three

The mountains appeared for us today, momentarily, through a light veil of cloud.

The students enjoyed listening to Michael Booth recite examples of poetry.
Listening to Michael Booth recite examples of poetry.

Students share
Time to share.

Mountain view through veil
A momentary glimpse of the mountains.

Getting the picture
Getting the shot.

Snow clings to roofs
Snow clings to the roofs like marshmallow goo.

Elk feed by the river
Elk find good nibbles by the river.

Coyote searches for food
Coyote bounces across the snow in search of a small morsel.

Elk up close
We got up pretty close to the Elk.

Eagle in tree
Guess what we saw in Eagle Tree?

Sleigh ride with blankets
Students huddle close to stay warm on the sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge.

Sheep up there
Big Horn Sheep on the ridge of Miller’s Butte.

2008 Group
We jumped in the snow around the TSS sign for a group shot.

Beth McIntosh Concert
Our students gathered with the Whitefish Bay students for a concert by Beth McIntosh.

Day Two

Will we see the Teton Mountains if we get closer? Not today.

Nibbling Moose
Our second moose nibbles just across the road from the dinning hall.

Yummies in our tummies
Where is the dining hall you ask? It’s right across the road from the moose.

Circle the map
Gather ’round the map. So where are we in relation to the Tetons?

Uplifting rock
Our instructor demonstrates how the Teton mountains were made.

Shapes in the snow
A small stream slithers beneath the snow. We crossed this stream on a narrow foot bridge.

Shapes in the snow, too
The snow makes some amazing shapes.

A little climb
A short climb doesn’t slow down the troops.

Snowshoe the landscape
Snowshoeing through the landscape is a feast for the soul.

Picture that
What is there to take pictures of? Look in any direction.

Digging a snow pit
The snow has a story to tell. But you have to do a little digging. Wait; is that the sun up there?

What can we learn from snow?
Once the pit is dug, and the snow begins it’s stories, you have to listen. The students collected data for later analysis.

Day One

Beginnings: journalling, x-country skiing, and hoohas.

Moose in the falling snow.
Can you spot the moose. It’s the blob surrounded by falling snow.

Definition of a winter wonderland.
This could be the picture for the definition of a winter wonderland.

Teaching in the Lodge
Michael Booth talks to the students about the relationship between science and art.

Soaking it in
The students are soaking it in.

Krisitin joins in on the teaching
Krisitin gets in on the teaching.

The joy of learning.
In this atmosphere, the students can rediscover their joy of learning.

Ian's couch pose
Ian finds a comfortable position for journaling.

Artists at work
Students working on Blind Contour drawing with a walnut.

Out in the Field
X-country skiing out in the fresh powder.

The first fall
The first fall. Delali became expert at the art of getting up after falling.

Lounging at lunch
Kevin finds a great place to lounge for lunch.

Lunch Break
We break out the hoohas for lunch.

A Natural Arch
Students ski under a natural arch.

A Peak at Grand Teton
We got a short peak at Grand Teton through the clouds.

Our Cabin
Our cabin is in the background in the middle of the frame.