Current & Upcoming Programs

Winter 2022-2023

Berlin, Germany

Dr. Peter van Lidth de Jeude, Associate Professor of History, with Will Buchanan, Visiting Faculty

Music in Europe: Paris, Vienna & Prague

Dr. Joe Van Riper,  Professor of Music, and Dr. Rose Whitmore, Associate Professor of Music

Summer 2023

Lake District, England

Dr. John Lovseth, Associate Professor of Biology and Natural Resources, and Dr. Heidi Snow, Professor of English


Dr. Sarah Andrews, Associate Professor of Political Science


Dr. Julien Ekiaka Oblazamengo, Assistant Professor of Languages and Culture

Fall 2023

Prague, Czech Republic

Dinah Ryan, Professor of English, and Paul Ryan, Professor of Studio Art

Summer 2024


Dane Carlson, Assistant Professor of Studio Art, and Dr. Nicholas Johnson, Assistant Professor of Sustainability and Economics

Fall 2024

Ecuador & the Galapagos

Dr. Scott Eckert, Professor of Biology and Natural Resources, with Chris Young, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, and Dr. Cecily Lee, Visiting Faculty