Mission & Learning Outcomes

Principia Study Abroad and Field Programs

Principia Study Abroad & Field Program Mission

“To promote the development of interculturally competent, outward-looking, inspired learners through international and domestic off-campus study programs.”

Principia’s Study Abroad program is anchored in our Institutional vision statement which proclaims, “Through transformative opportunities, a challenging curriculum, and character education based on the teachings of Christian Science, we examine, test, and strengthen our faith while developing the skills and understanding requisite for excellence. As global, outward-looking, inspired learners, we serve and better the world.”  This statement supports the study abroad program’s emphasis on cultivating an international perspective and developing intercultural competence and multicultural professional development. Our programming also intentionally supports the Institution’s aim to “Nurture Success Beyond Principia”. Building on these foundational elements, study abroad and field programs are designed and approved with the following in mind: intercultural competence, multicultural professional development, global citizenship, spirituality, character education, and contextual learning.   

Study Abroad Department Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate Intercultural Competence

Students who participate in a study abroad or field program should exhibit intercultural competence characterized by understanding, appreciating, and respecting another culture.  Sensitivity to the cultural context will develop as students 1) learn about another culture, 2) make reflective comparisons with their own culture, 3) develop an ability to navigate within the new culture and 4) return with a desire to enrich their own culture.   In this process, students will break down stereotypes, become more open-minded, and develop intercultural communication skills and perspectives.

Demonstrate Multicultural Professional Development

Students who participate in a study abroad or field program will be able to articulate ideas and exhibit behaviors that cultivate teamwork, critical thought, and communication skills needed to function in a diverse workforce and global community. Students will be able to demonstrate techniques and utilize tools to appropriately articulate and leverage their study abroad experience in a professional context, for the benefit of professional pursuits.