Plant-Based Recipe Test #11: Grilled “Cheese”

Need a simple and satisfying lunch? This alternative grilled cheese is perfect for those who want comfort food without a long cooking commitment. Best of all, it’s 100% plant-based!

All you need is bread, olive oil, Daiya “cheese”, and your favorite vegetables.

I don’t recommend the Trader Joe’s soy cheese in the picture. It works, but it doesn’t compare to Daiya.  

Since Daiya “cheese” is dairy-free, it doesn’t melt at the same speed. To prevent burning the bread on the skillet, I recommend microwaving the sandwich first. Microwave until the cheese is slightly melted, and then crisp the bread on the skillet (with olive oil).


  • If you want to feel even better, click to learn about how dairy cheese negatively impacts our planet. 


Yemen 8/10

  • “This is good!”

Doug Brown 10/10

  • “That was satisfying and it felt very wholesome because of the substantial bread, the “cheese” was creamy, and vegetables were fresh. I think if food like this was served in the dining hall, people would be up for it. I like trying alternatives like this.”

Diego John 10/10

  • Delicious!!!

Boyo 9.8/10

  • Normally I’m not a fan of grilled cheese. This is very similar to the regular version, but very good! It’s the bomb!”

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