Teaching Tips

Welcome back! I mean Happy Week 3!

So I am a few weeks late in creating a Tuesday Teaching Tip so far this semester, and I apologize for that.  It isn’t like I haven’t been teaching; I promise I have!   I hope you all have had a wonderful first few weeks.  These past weeks have been about building my course community.  I am learning about my students as learners, thinkers, and doers.   I guess my teaching tip is to remember that we’re only (and already?) in week 3, so the students are still navigating being back in courses and managing their schedules.   As we continue to teach new concepts, remember to review and connect previous terms, concepts, or ideas to help the students build strong foundations for learning more.   So my tip for this week is to know that it’s ok if things seem to be moving slowly because they will pick up sooner than we realize. 

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