About the CTL

The CTL is located at Principia College • School of Government • Second Floor.

 Our Mission

To promote and support academic excellence at Principia College

To fulfill this mission, we serve as a center for faculty and students by:

  • Offering opportunities for teacher development
  • Assisting students in developing skills and strategies that will allow them to succeed and excel in their academics
  • Expanding opportunities for learning beyond the classroom
  • Creating resource networks of people and ideas
  • Increasing awareness that we all are teachers, students, and healers

Meet Our Department:


Libby Scheiern, MEd, PhD  
Assistant Dean of Academics & CTL Director

Ellen Sprague, MA, MFA
Assistant Professor of Writing



Rose Whitmore, DMA, MAT 
Quantitative Reasoning Specialist


Molly Broere, MEd
Literacy and Student Support Specialist

Katie Hynd

Katie Hynd, BA
Post Graduate Teaching Intern