About the CTL

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The CTL is located at Principia College • School of Government • Second Floor.

 Our Mission

To promote and support academic excellence at Principia College

To fulfill this mission, we serve as a center for faculty and students by:

  • Offering opportunities for teacher development
  • Assisting students in developing skills and strategies that will allow them to succeed and excel in their academics
  • Expanding opportunities for learning beyond the classroom
  • Creating resource networks of people and ideas
  • Increasing awareness that we all are teachers, students, and healers

Meet Our Department:


Libby Scheiern, MEd, PhD  
Assistant Dean of Academics & CTL Director

Ellen Sprague, MA, MFA
Assistant Professor/ Writing Instructor



Rose Whitmore, DMA, MAT, MM 
Assistant Professor/ Quantitative Reasoning Specialist

Christian Borja

 Christian Borja, MALT
Academic Technology Director

Molly Broere, MEd
Instructor/Literacy and Student Support Specialist


Kevin Henry, MS
Academic Technology Assistant