It’s the little things

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We in CTL have adopted Slack as a part of our remote communication flow. Slack has provided the perfect avenue for quick-text responses, goofy memes, supportive encouragement and recognition for all the hard work going on in our department.  I’ve particularly enjoyed how this new form of communication has fostered a sense of relaxed community. […]

Coincidental community

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We’ve all been forced to learn some new things in this past month. For instance, I’ve learned how to use clippers to cut my husband’s hair—#thanksyoutube #quaranskills. I’ve learned a variety of new online videoconferencing and team organization platforms. I even plan to keep using some of them. But my favorite new learning is that […]

Keep calm and game on

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One of my favorite parts of teaching is watching each course develop into a distinct community with its own dynamics. Some are boisterous and talkative; others are reserved and thoughtful. No two are ever alike, even if composed of mostly the same people as a previous course. But that sense of fellowship, developed by spending […]