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Switch it up!

Going remote can feel stressful and difficult, so here are some strategies to keep the tone light and joyous whether hosting an online meeting or course.  

  1. Start the session with a song. As people are logging in to the room, play an upbeat song. 
  2. Plan a fun or inclusive activity, like dress like a meme or emoji for the session. I recently learned about this from one of my dissertation committee members. Right after meeting with her, she was going to a meeting dressed like a meme.  This provided some lively conversation as she showed me her idea.
  3. Host a virtual dance party or walk.  Sometimes we all need a break or to get moving, and what better way to do that then using the remote forums we have?
  4. Lastly, check in with those attending the meeting. You can ask them questions like How’s everyone doing? Anything funny to share with the group? Who has gratitude for the day?

These ideas can be used for synchronous meetings, but they can be adapted for asynchronous classes as well.  Perhaps they become a discussion post in your LMS. Add in the comments below for some ways that you have switched up the format of a meeting or an online course. 

Molly Broere is the CTL director, and she enjoys learning and trying new strategies.

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