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HUH? vs AHA!

Reflection is one of the most powerful tools we have as educators.  Through reflection, we can promote a sense ownership and allow students to feel empowered.  Students can be more aware and acknowledge their growth. 

Nonetheless, we tend to keep the process of reflection as an individual reflective moment that is seldom or randomly shared.  Oftentimes when a forum is open for sharing reflections, not all students will share. Furthermore, they may feel intimidated to reveal their questions or doubts in an open forum with their peers.

The following exercise could resolve some of these issues, offering an open space to share questions and gain feedback from your students. 

Reflection is approached from the HUH? vs AHA! statements.  On a white board the professor will write in big letters the word HUH? and AHA! separated by a line.  Students will have with post-it notes.  The students should write all the (HUH?) questions, inquiries, doubts, or concerns they may have.  Also, they will be asked to write all the (AHA!) revelations, engaging moments, or things that they found surprising from the class or a specific activity.   Students should write one idea per post-it note.  After the students write their post-its, the students will then place all the post-it notes in the spaces labeled accordingly.  The notes stay posted for everyone to see and may be used for discussion by the professor.

This activity serves for student reflection as well as for feedback to measure the temperature of the class, helping the professor identify what is working, and where you may find room for improvement.

Lucia De Paz is an Assistant Professor in the Business Administration Department at Principia College.  

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