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Prioritizing – Seeing it all come together….

There are  many responsibilities and activities we want to participate in, but how to get it all done without letting things fall through the cracks?

Take some time to prioritize…

All you need is paper, some post it notes, your schedule and a pen …

Write each of  your “to do’s” on a post it.  Arrange them on your paper. As you complete them, you can remove them. If the order has to change, it’s easy to move them around.

For example, you have a research paper and test that are coming up and so you put them on your priority sheet. Suddenly, your professor gives you more time to complete the paper. Your priorities just shifted. So, even though it’s still on your list to get done, you can move something up on your chart that needs to be completed sooner.

As you complete tasks – your paper gets more empty and soon you will complete everything successfully for the semester!

Extra Tips:

  • Use different colored post its for different courses
  • Use different colored post its for different activities – sports, assignments, work, etc…
  • Check your priority sheet daily and make changes, removing anything that was completed and rearranging tasks that might need re-prioritizing.

Cherie Hufford, MSEd and MA, is a student support specialist, visiting faculty, and assessment assistant at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. She recently completed a second master’s degree in teaching English as a second language. When Cherie isn’t teaching, she enjoys baking, rooting for the Packers, and caring for her micro “farm,” complete with a small flock of chickens, gardening boxes, and herbs in the window sill.

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