Journaling with SCAR

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In the Center for Teaching and Learning, we have many opportunities to work with individual students and discuss strategies for their specific academic needs. Last week, a student came in for a meeting, and his major concern was that he was behind in journal entries for two of his classes. This student is a good […]

Speed debating – An ESL tip that can work for all students

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My course is populated exclusively by international and ESL (English as a Second Language) students. Because English is not their primary language, I try to be mindful of what would make these students more comfortable and what would help with their academic English development. To that end, three things I do to promote a non-threatening […]

Multicultural Education

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Principia College boasts a 20% international student population. With this large segment of our student body coming from differing cultures, how do we support them? Principia is actually quite good at this. We have the annual International Festival, and we have an International Student Program Coordinator. We also have our International Student Learning Community. These […]