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Bringing posters to life

Wouldn’t it be nice if the posters your students created could come to life using student created video content?  Also, wouldn’t it be great to have students interact more with the posters?   It is possible to do this with the help of technology!  Using a mobile device and the Aurasma app, students can bring everyday, inanimate items to life by making them interactive.   These items, called “Auras,” can be any object, image, or place, such as artifact from a museum or a building.   Check out the video below to see Aurasma in action:

Some application and practical examples of how to encourage Aurasma in classes are:

  • Create math problems on piece of paper or even a board.  These math problems could become the Aura for students to see the solution to the problem and/or strategies to solve the problem.
  • Take students to a museum and create Auras on museum or gallery artifacts so that the audience has explanations about them on their mobile devices.
  • Bring marketing products to class and use Auras to bring up marketing materials on the products or services of a company.

Overlays (or videos) can also be programmed to have extra actions. For example, when tapped or double tapped by the viewer, a website can be launched or other videos can be shown.

If you would like to see more examples or learn how you can also do this with your students, please contact Christian or Kevin at the Academic Technology Office at:
(618) 374-5530, and we will be happy to help you.


Christian Borja is the Director of Academic Technology for Principia College. He has work with technology in education for over 15 years. Besides working with technology, Christian enjoys spending time with his family, dancing, and traveling.

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