When you “hate,” “dislike,” “are having a hard time starting” writing

When you “hate,” “dislike,” “are having a hard time starting” writing

by Della Christy

Sometimes working on a written assignment is the last thing I want to be doing, and maybe you will be able to relate. You might feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or disempowered regarding your abilities to write a paper. You might feel like you have no idea where to start, the work in front of you is immense, and you will not be able to get it all done, let alone get it done well.

If any of these are beginning attitudes for you starting an assignment, do not stop there. Don’t feel stuck. For me, it helps to start my paper outlining my feelings towards the process first. Yes, this might sound very off topic, but starting from a place of positive, encouraging thought will produce a paper that is more engaging and more worth reading and learning from.

So, I ask myself how I am feeling.

Am I overwhelmed?

Am I just totally not engaged in the subject matter?

Recognizing the roadblock and changing your attitude is one of the best ways to be the most productive and engaged for your assignments!

The best first step in making writing a more positive and beneficial experience, instead of a miserable obligation, is coming from a place of intellectual curiosity. If you are interested in the subject or see the value in learning about it, you will be more willing to engage in your research and actually come away from the assignment with new knowledge and a greater understanding.

We often limit ourselves to what we think are our possibilities and potential as writers because we shy away from deep, critical thinking. This is the act that we should be most excited about— the search to understand—and writing is an avenue to do that. Even when the subject matter is not particularly interesting to you, the writing process teaches you something new every time.

Della Christy is a sophomore studying global studies and creative writing.

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