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Happy (almost) week 1!

This week’s Faculty Focus reminds us of the importance of the first day of class.  This first day can set  the stage or tone for the entire semester, so how do we make the day engaging and inclusive while beginning cover the curriculum?  This is exactly what I’m thinking through right now as I map out my course.

For me the first day of the semester is a like a seesaw.  I find that I teeter between building classroom community and setting classroom expectations.  So how can we make sure to strike the balance between setting the stage for academic standards in our courses while engaging the students in their learning community?  Here are some ideas that you could try:

  • Name games
  • Ice breakers
  • Student inventory sheets (these can be homework)
  • Syllabus if-at quiz that encourages students to work individually and with a group (see the CTL for help with this activity)
  • Kahoot! about the syllabus

These are just a few ways to spruce up the first day of class, but feel free to add any suggestions.  Comment below if you have other tips and tricks to share!

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