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The Habits of Highly Productive Writers

Rachel Toor states, “There are no tricks to make [writing] easier, just habits and practices you can develop to get it done.”  The following are habits that Ms. Toor compiled from her study of various well-known writers:

  • They reject the notion of “writer’s block” the way others shun gluten.
  • They don’t overtalk their projects.
  • They believe in themselves and their work.
  • They know that a lot of important stuff happens when they’re not “working.”
  • They’re passionate about their projects.
  • They know what they’re good at.
  • They read a lot, and widely.
  • They know how to finish a draft.
  • They work on more than one thing at once.
  • They leave off at a point where it will be easy to start again.
  • They don’t let themselves off the hook.
  • They know there are no shortcuts, magic bullets, special exercises, or incantations.

To read the full explanation of each habit, please click here.  

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