Strategies for tackling long-term assignments, part 2

by Maddi Demaree

Part 2: What if I don’t know how to start?

More techniques for tackling challenging assignments can be found right here on our blog, WriteHereWriteNow, but I’ll give you a few as well.

  • Make a list of the tasks that need to be accomplished. A list of these tasks might look something like this:
    • Decide on a research topic
    • Make a hypothesis/thesis
    • Gather resources (print, online)
    • Research & gather data
    • Write intro
    • Write body paragraphs
    • Write conclusions
    • Edit
  • Write these tasks into your calendar so you have a schedule to hold yourself to.
  • Meet with a writing tutor to discuss potential topics or how to find resources.
  • Schedule a meeting with your professor so they can give you feedback on the work you’ve accomplished so far.

But remember, the key to success with long term assignments is to “Start Early and Start Often.”

Maddi Demaree is a junior majoring in education and political science. Last spring she traveled on the Finland Abroad.

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