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Small yet significant support

Recently, my students appeared to have a “case of the Mondays.”  Several of them were slumped over their desks or just seemed to emanate that “the struggle was real” vibe.  As I was thinking about how best to support my class, I realized that they just needed a break.  So I decided to let them out of class 10 minutes early.  While this may seem like a significant amount of time, I realized that in those 10 minutes, they were not going to be receptive to any concepts or ideas, so I felt it was better to let them out of class to recharge before their next class.  This small yet significant support for my students was necessary to help them recharge for their next class.  As we head into week 5, remember to take some time for them and for you. We still have several weeks before spring break, and I know the projects and assignments are beginning to pick up!                

One thought on “Small yet significant support

  1. Thanks, Molly. I did the same thing today, but 15 minutes! It was clear that they needed the break, and we’ll all be happier to learn the next time we’re together. Thanks for the reassurance.

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