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Remote learning, all in the family

As I sit here in my “home office” (in very comfortable clothing I might add), answering work emails and preparing to teach my classes, I am enjoying hearing things I wouldn’t normally encounter when doing work at the office.

My son, a sophomore at the College, is practicing his piano lessons. (April, rejoice!)

My niece, a sophomore at the College (who lives with us permanently) is sitting on the deck on this beautiful day in shorts and sunglasses, participating in a remote class through an online learning platform. (Jeff, rejoice!)

My daughter, a senior at the College, is going over the dance she choreographed for Dance Production, to adapt it to be recorded in a new format. (Erin, rejoice!)

My husband, who works for the College, is on the phone talking through logistics for an upcoming abroad trip. (Chrissy and Leah, rejoice!)

And my oldest daughter, who graduated from the College, is home and working remotely on her TEFL certificate. (I rejoice!)

What is wonderful is that learning is continuing and we are adapting, and I am filled with gratitude for all the efforts our college administration, faculty, and students already have put and are continuing to put into making this work. We are a resilient, dedicated, and committed community of learners here at Principia, who care deeply about each other.

Thanks to you all!


Kristin Halsey is an instructor and student support specialist, and her kitties have had no problems adapting to all the remote learning happening at home.

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