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Our students notice

Do you ever wonder if your efforts on behalf of students get noticed?  I asked several students to respond to the prompt, “When you stop to notice, what do you appreciate about your teachers?”  Here’s what they said:

“Teachers work really hard to plan lessons and grade papers, and they do it all without complaining.  Some of my teachers are also working on another degree.  They are really busy and they don’t complain.”

“I notice that my teachers are flexible and adapt to their students.  They seem to be able to handle unexpected situations and problem-solve on their feet.”

“I notice that my teachers have been patient with me when I am learning something new that seems really obvious to them.”

“My teachers work really hard. They make their job look easy, and when I’ve had to be in charge or give a presentation, I realize how much planning goes into each little detail.”

“I notice that my teachers choose their words carefully.  It’s like they know just the right thing to say to each student so they’ll do their best or understand the material.”

It might be a little scary to think our students are watching us this closely, but I like to think of it as encouraging.  Our students are not only learning the content, they’re learning about what kind of person they are and want to be.

Our manner, words, tone, and character are the embedded curriculum in our classrooms.  We should wield it intentionally because our students see what we do.  They are paying attention.

Winnie currently teaches in the education department.  Her interests include creativity, innovation, curiosity, and imagination- 21st century education.  She is also a closet science fiction fan. 

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