Learning Communities

Student Learning Community

The Student Learning Community meets weekly to strengthen skills for academic success. Some of the strategies discussed include goal setting, organization and motivation. Faculty from the Center for Teaching and Learning lead these meetings, and all students are welcome to attend.

International Student Learning Community

The International Student Learning Community works to cross the cultural divide between the teaching and learning in the home country and here at Principia. Weekly meetings, run by a member of the Center for Teaching and Learning, include time for questions regarding classroom practices, discussions about foundational knowledge and opportunities to compare their experiences with peers.

FYE Faculty Learning Community

FYE Faculty Learning Community is an opportunity for the First Year Experience teachers to learn expectations for teaching the First Year Experience classes for incoming freshmen. Faculty discuss norming assignments, class design, and embedded lessons. They work together on syllabus design and how to work with students who are making the transition between high school and college.

Faculty Learning Community

Libby Scheiern, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and the assistant dean of Principia College, leads a weekly meeting of the Faculty Learning Community. Each week faculty meets to discuss topics such as classroom management, pedagogy, and best teaching practices. These meetings often include collegial sharing across disciplines and innovative teaching tips.

PGTI Learning Community

Each year, Principia College employs former students in a post-graduate teaching internship (PGTI). These interns have the opportunity to work both inside and outside of the classroom. They may also be responsible for some office duties, but they comprise no more than 20% of the PGTI’s work. The PGTI can also audit one course per semester with no charge. Room and board is provided by the academic deans’ office and the sponsoring department, along with a stipend.

The CTL employs an intern from a PGTI. The PGTI for the CTL participates in the pre-term new faculty orientation workshop and assists with New Student Orientation. During each term, the PGTI has the opportunity to prepare and deliver several classroom lessons, both in courses offered by the CTL and in others, by invitation. He or she will also offer tutor support to students who are seeking reading, writing, or time management assistance.