WISE Write-In SEries

Five times per semester, students are invited to meet in the library classroom for guidance, instruction, and writing, reading, and research strategies. Workshops include independent work time and lessons on such topics as

  • how to organize and plan (including time and resource management)
  • how to research, including how to find and read scholarly texts efficiently
  • how to develop a research question and refine a thesis
  • how to write, organize, revise, and proofread

Each write-in workshop consists of brief instruction or Q&A about writing followed by workshop time. Students can work independently or have one-on-one strategy sessions with research librarians, the CTL writing and literacy specialists, and peer writing/research tutors. Optional follow-up meetings are available as well.

All WISE Write-Ins this semester are Tuesdays, 8-10 pm

Spring 2019

Week 2: February 5—Cookies and Capstones (geared for capstone students; open to all)
Week 6: March 5—Just Write, Write Now (open to all)
Week 12: April 16—Cookies and Capstones (open to all)
Week 14: April 30—Just Write, Write Now (open to all)
Week 15: May 7—Recipes for Revising (open to all)