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Notecard Feedback

Students often seem reluctant to provide helpful feedback to their classmates’ in-class presentations.  Maybe they just don’t want to seem judgmental, or are concerned about “payback” when it’s their time to present. So  here’s a tip:

Prior to an in-class presentation, give each student in the audience a green and a red (or yellow) index card.  When the presentation is finished, ask each student to write a positive comment on the green card, and a “constructive criticism” on the red/yellow card.

The teacher then collects the cards, mixes them up, and reads selected ones to the class.  This provides the student giving the presentation some honest, peer-written feedback … and keeps the process anonymous.

I’ve found it gets better, more honest feedback from the class … and everybody seems to enjoy the process.

Jim is a Career Education Coordinator and Instructional Staff at Principia College.  Jim has been working and teaching at Principia College for 10 years.   His work outside of the College extends to being an experienced professional writer and business/technical writing teacher.  Besides teaching, Jim enjoys hanging out with his bride of 43 years, Joanie (former Upper School teacher), two grown children and their spouses, and five grandchildren (ages 4-13).

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