Day 4 – Tuesday

Today had a completely different feel then our first two field days.  In the morning we went to the National Wildlife Art Museum and explored the incredible collection of wildlife art.  Students were given a quote that tied to conservation and they explored the Museum to find a piece that they thought best captured the quote.  They each gave a brief presentation on their findings.  After the museum, we drove to Miller Butte to check out the big horn sheep that were there!  We used spotting scopes to get an up-close look.  After that, we drove to the Visitor’s Center in town and got an in-depth lesson on the nearby Elk Refuge and the controversial practice of feeding the Elk.  We followed up this lesson by going on a sleigh ride in the Elk Refuge for up-close views of the wild elk.  In the evening we started formulating our scientific research questions which are going to carry us through for the rest of the trip!  

Practicing gesture drawing before we go to the Elk Refuge

The Grand is peaking out!

Sean is checking out big horn sheep up close


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