Day 3 – Monday

Another full day!  We woke to light snow in the morning and it stayed snowing throughout the day and night.  While the mountains were socked in, the beauty and quiet of the snow were magical.  Highlights of the day were: animal sightings (weasel, ruffed grouse, bald eagle, moose, bison, mule deer, elk, coyote, fox), the Murie Center, and a night hike. At the Murie Center students learned about how famous conservationist Mardy Murie protected her place, the Tetons; FNH kids then reflected on a place that they hold dear in their thought and what they could do to preserve the people, place, and memories.

During the night hike students shared their Mountains (highlights), Valleys (low points), and Streams (things they’d like to bring back with them to St. Louis). Mountains ranged from skiing and inspired company to overcoming challenges; valleys included the cold, health and skiing;  streams were longing to find the same quiet back home, learning how to preserve our passions, and trying to get outside more. 





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