Lodge Library

These books inspired us in our own journeys as artists, writers, scientists, thinkers, or all of the above.



Words With Wings:
The Private Journals of an Artist, Volume I

by Kristin Serafini
64 pages
“I have a sneaking suspicion that time + age are irrelevant bits of information thrown into the story problem of life that don’t ever help the student solve for YES.” ~Kristin Serafini


A Life in Hand
by Hannah Hinchman
160 pages
“Journal keeping gains ground for the spirit, brings…increased attention span and clearer thinking…” ~Hannah Hinchman


The Journey is the Destination
by Dan Eldon
224 pages
“For young people who doubt that a life grander than MTV and the mall can be achieved in this age, Eldon’s journals prove otherwise.”
~Washington Post


Keeping a Nature Journal
by Claire Walker Leslie & Charles E. Roth
224 pages
“Journaling might well be thought of as a form of journeying – through the seasons outdoors as well as through your own inner seasons…”
~Claire Walker Leslie


murie-far-north.jpg Two in the Far North
by Margaret E. Murie
369 pages
“I’m counting on the new generation coming up.
I have to believe in their spirit,
as those who came before me
believed in mine.” -MM

libbrecht-snowflakes.jpgKen Libbrecht’s Field Guide to Snowflakes
by Ken Libbrecht
112 pages
“This book is about…taking a close look
at those remarkable ice sculptures that
drift down from the clouds.” ~Ken Libbrecht


housden-riskingeverything.jpg Risking Everything
edited by Roger Housden
192 pages
“…anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” ~David Whyte


Letters to a Young Poet
by Rainer Maria Rilke

translated by M.D. Herter Norton
160 pages
“the unedited thoughts of (arguably) the most important European poet of the modern age…”


The Essential Haiku:
Versions of Basho, Buson, & Issa

edited by Robert Hass
330 pages
“Here, I’m here- the snow falling.” ~Issa

Succulent Illustrated Fiction


Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence
by Nick Bantock
48 pages
“Griffin – You’re right, I am being mysterious.” ~Sabine