Maybeck’s most spectacular interior on campus is contained in this large brick dormitory for women. It is a concrete great hall with an amazing set of trusses that includes his wife’s monogram in Gothic letters. Also, the great hall uses bubblestone to lighten the weight of concrete in the valance and fireplace. Maybeck molds the fireplace bubblestone into imaginative flames. Interior furnishings for this great hall were so important to Maybeck that he sent photographs to Frederic Morgan of the interior hall at Wyntoon, a castle retreat he had designed in 1903 for Phoebe Hearst along the McCloud River in Siskiyou County, California, to illustrate a medieval mood. In 1935 Principia was able to purchase many of the Wyntoon estate pieces.

On the exterior, the coloration of the roof tile creates the impression of water washing the ridge and leaving moss growing at the eaves. In 1931 returning to San Francisco from Elsah, Maybeck visited the Heinz Tile Company in Denver, Colorado, to select Anderson’s roof tile. Maybeck wished to see a blending of red and orange colors between the tile and bricks. To create deep shadows in the late afternoon on the exterior walls, Maybeck pulled out every third course of bricks.

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