Day 4 – 2020

Cross Country skiing through Lower Meadow on our first full day of field research.

Jan. 22, 2020

Today we launched into formal research on the TSS campus. After exploring interests and considering scientific questions, students formed groups and determined a research question and methods for collecting data. Research topics include animal tracking, tree species frequency, snow temperature and density, and sagebrush dominance. Most of the groups spent a significant amount of time determining their scientific process which, while on skis or snowshoes, can feel tricky. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather again today, not too cold or windy to keep students from digging snow pits or measuring sinuosity. Everybody is eager to finish their data collection tomorrow morning. Students have been digging into their journals during morning art sessions and afternoon “resource time.” This evening, a TSS instructor is guiding a session on mindful communication. This week has stretched us to be more observant and inquisitive. Looking forward to our final field day and research presentations tomorrow.

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