Day 5 – 2020

After another delicious breakfast and a rousing Bible Lesson study time, we all suited up to go finish our research. Well seasoned students were quick to adorn their mode of locomotion and put their plans into action to collect final data. Those studying fire ecology put all they learned back home and at TSS to start and finish their project in a few hours. They left and returned happy that they finally were able to study what inspired them. Those studying snow science, animal tracks, and sagebrush had new questions from yesterday and used the morning to gain data that provided reassurance or greater insight. In the coniferous forest, everyone even saw a pair of moose which resulted in us yielding to them by traveling downhill. After lunch, the students analyzed their data, drew conclusions, and made posters in preparation for their evening presentations. Mid-afternoon was choice time. Some did further research, some x-country skied, while some did art. A good time was had by all: finishing projects; watching snow cascade off warming rooftops, encountering more moose, appreciating silence in the wilderness. After dinner, students presented research from the week in a data-driven sharing of their findings. Between the presentations were skits which recalled memorable, usually hilarious, moments from the trip. Afterward, gratitude was given by all for the program, the instructors, and each other. It was a great ending, but some nevertheless did a sort of a “polar plunge” by jumping into the snow without their usual winter gear. After that second ending of the evening, everybody finally went to bed satisfied from the full day!

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