1997 Participants

Mike Allison
Rebekah Barlow
Lauren Burgdorff
Dave Bryan
Kelly Dearborn
Lindsay Gaster
Greg Gerber
Janna Mayberry
Danielle McCall
Sam Miller
Martina Peltzer
Mary Rankin
Chad Reid
Kristian Russell
Andrew Seay
Alex Smith
Kim Smith
Raven Smith

Principia Staff:
Lynn Lyons – French Teacher
Peter Martin
Bob Yeates – Academic Support Staff

Writing Instructor:
Tarn Wilson – Palo Alto, CA High School English Teacher

Art Instructor:
Greg Houda – Jackson, WY High School Art Teacher

1 thought on “1997 Participants

  1. Hey, when did I get thrown off of the Tetons trip? I just found this website, and I was expecting to see my name here on the participants list…? Anyway, I still think back on our snowflake examinations, our freezing showers, and the writer’s block that I had while I was there. Being a resident in Colorado, especially during all these blizzards this season (06-07) reminds me of our crazy trip out to WY and the unexpected layover at a generous stranger’s house. Do any of y’all ever think back to that night? -Lindz

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