…my most memorable week of high school ever!


“That week in the Tetons was my most memorable week of high school ever! Highlights include the rosemary chicken on the first night, snowball fights, funny quotes, revelations in art and writing, beautiful moon pictures, and late night journaling and sharing inspirational ideas. I still carry lessons with me from that week. I appreciated Greg Houda’s constant “No worries” attitude, finding fresh perspectives on life using unique journal activities, learning to use watercolors to splash a little more color into life, and valuing everyone’s ideas.

The snow of Kelly brought me back to my days growing up in Vermont and inspired me to later pursue a trip to Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter! I also just returned from a 3 month trip in northern Patagonia, Chile where I was writing the whole time.

Constant memories of unique journaling ideas filled my thoughts as I recorded my journey. Thank you Teton Science Schools, Karla, Eleanor, Court, Nick, Greg, Kristin, Lisa, Mike, and Principia for offering such an unforgettable experience for high schoolers.”

Forrest Bless
2002 Teton Trip

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