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Maybeck, Arthur Morey, and Allen R. Killgore discussing Chapel interior from balcony, 1933


January and July, Frederic Morgan goes to San Francisco to confer with Maybeck.

October 10, construction resumes.

October 23, Maybeck returns to Elsah for three months to oversee construction, especially the completion of the Chapel interior.

October 28, Edward Hussey arrives back in Elsah. Charles Lundgren remains in San Francisco.



June 8, first graduation ceremony is held in the Chapel.

September 2-October 30, Maybeck returns to Elsah to supervise construction of the science building, a temporary dining room/kitchen complex, and two temporary classrooms designed in the shingle style. Maybeck also oversees completion of Rackham Court and the interior of Anderson Hall.

October 1,
Maybeck and Hussey drive to Brazil, Indiana, to visit a factory making the ceramic building blocks for the science laboratories. Maybeck insists that hand imprints and other “imperfections” be left in the hollow tiles.

December 4-7, Maybeck makes a brief visit to Elsah.


March, most of the construction is completed and the College moves to the Elsah campus.

October 26 – November 16, Maybeck’s last visit to Elsah.

Morey Field House is constructed.

Brooks North is constructed.

Maybeck retires from active work.

Brooks South is constructed.

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