Writing/Research Tutors

In fall 2021, writing tutors are available in the library Writing Café (3rd floor) Sun.-Thurs., 8-10pm.
They are available on Zoom at the same time. Additionally, tutors are available with flexible on-call scheduling. More info below.
We look forward to working with you at any point in the writing process. 

Our Mission:  To teach students strategies they need in order to succeed as writers.

In Pursuit of This Mission,

  • We offer a safe, confidential environment where we work with students to improve a piece of writing before they turn it in.
  • As students ourselves, we are familiar with the challenges writers face as they work through each stage of the writing process. To this end, we strive to empower students to write with confidence.
  • Although we will not proofread papers, we are trained to
    • offer suggestions
    • explain complicated rules
    • be a sounding board for ideas
    • share strategies and tools for overcoming common obstacles in researching, writing, and editing papers.

Tutoring Session 101

Below you will find helpful writing and citation resources.


Principia College Library Citation Guide

Here are some additional links we recommend:

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center Handouts

University of Wisconsin-Madison Writer’s Handbook

Duke University Thompson Writing Program Handouts and Resources

Hunter College Reading/Writing Center

What is good writing? How do writers get better? What resources are there to help writers develop? And what about research? What are the best ways to navigate the library’s database subscriptions and conduct research at Principia? If you are interested in these questions—and their answers—keep reading!

Teaching the Writing Process (WRIT 350) is designed for students who want to become writing tutors. It focuses on writing processes, tutoring strategies, research, style, and grammar. However, while most students who take this course are interested in being Principia writing tutors, many take it with an eye toward skills that will help them in careers or graduate school.

If you are interested in being in this year’s class, please submit a sample of your academic writing—in hard copy or as an MSWord email attachment—to course instructor Ellen Sprague in the Center for Teaching and Learning. If you have questions, please contact Ellen at ext. 5145 or ellen.sprague@principia.edu.

Total # of Students Who Visited a Tutor in Fall 2019

“Excellent. Really helped me understand how to avoid run-on and punctuation mistakes.”

Anonymous student

““I can write my intro now!” 

Anonymous capstone student

“My tutor helped me to write clear transitions and to see the parts where I was writing clearly on my own.”

Anonymous student

“So grateful for the hands-on, step-by-step, and experienced guidance!”

Anonymous student

“I will become a regular at these tutoring sessions. They will be very helpful with keeping my grades up. Thanks.”

Anonymous student

“Very helpful. She was very specific with her suggestions, and these helped me figure out a better direction.”

Anonymous student

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