Shontee Pant

shontee pantHometown: Coppell, TX

Major/s: Political Science and History

Primary activities at Principia: Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Pilot Assigning Editor

Most interesting moments of the campaign thus far: The Republican Debates and Kate McKinnon on SNL (she’s hilarious and my favorite person on SNL right now)

Most noteworthy political memory: Most likely meeting soon-to-be-former Speaker Boehner and scaring his security team (I swear it was not intentional). And riding the elevator with possibly soon-to-be Speaker Paul Ryan.

If I were president, what would be my first form of action would be: To raise the quality of public education in the United States.

If I was running for president my slogan would be: dependent on the political climate I would be running in. If I had to just come up with a generic one though, perhaps “Change is here” or something like that.