Samantha Bronkar

samantha bronkarHometown Templeton, CA

Major/s English–Literature

Primary activities at Principia RA, soccer and softball, writing tutor

Most interesting moments of the campaign thus far Seeing some of the candidates on popular media–SNL and Jimmy Fallon–have been some major highlights thus far. I think watching Donald Trump on Jimmy Fallon made me almost want to like him.

Most looking forward to on the field program I can’t wait to talk to everyday citizens in Iowa and New Hampshire. We’ve been learning a lot about their states’ sense of duty, patriotism, and openness, and I look forward to experiencing their political culture first-hand!

Most noteworthy political memory During my eighth grade art class, my teacher played Barack Obama’s inaugural address. That whole day seemed to be vaguely dedicated to his inauguration because it played in the background of every class but wasn’t openly discussed by any of my teachers or classmates. It was as if we had finally come to a point in our history that needed to be observed and couldn’t be discussed yet. At the time I didn’t really understand, but I knew something historically pertinent had happened that day.

If I were president, what would be my first form of action would be If I were president, my first priority would be to gain bi-partisan support for a reform of entitlement programs, including Social Security and Medicare, to make the programs more efficient and sustainable while reducing the federal budget. Easy enough. Then I would resign and let my VP run the country.

If I were running for president my slogan would be Building a Brighter Tomorrow.