Meredith Hamilton 

meredith hamiltonHometown: Swampscott, Massachusetts

Major/s: English Literature and political science

Primary activities at Principia: I am a Student Senator and Metaphysical head of Howard House. I also participate in the Euphrates Institute.

Most interesting moments of the campaign thus far: When Bernie Sanders teamed up with Hillary in the October Democratic Debate. It looks like the Democrats won’t be letting any emails stop them!

Most looking forward to on the field program: Interacting with candidates and learning more about campaign organization.

Most noteworthy political memory: Watching President Obama’s inauguration in 2008. I could feel the political energy even though I wasn’t physically there.

If I were president, what would be my first form of action would be: I would reform the Social Security system to make it more accessible and less complex.

If I was running for president my slogan would be: Dueling For Your Future.