Emelie Fredrikson

emelie fredricksonHometown: Town and Country, Missouri

Major/s: Global Perspectives

Primary activities at Principia: Women’s soccer, International Perspectives Conference board member, Photo editor of the Pilot, Intramural Head of Joe McNabb House, photographer for the marketing department

Most interesting moments of the campaign thus far: The debates: particularly the Republican debate where we can observe candidates defend their beliefs and policies live.

Most looking forward to on the field program: Seeing the candidates in real life and observing photographers as they cover the campaign process.

Most noteworthy political memory: Obama being elected as the first African-American President.

If I were president, what would be my first form of action would be: To stop giving direct foreign financial assistance and focus foreign policy more on helping other nations build infrastructure and develop their economies, not just throwing money at them.

If I was running for president my slogan would be: Empowerment as Equals.