Cha Cha Fisher

cha cha fisherHometown Santa Barbara, California

Major/s Political Science (International Relations), Business Administration, Minor in Spanish

Primary activities at Principia Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Track, Student Senate

Most interesting moments of the campaign thus far When Joe Biden entered the race–oh never mind, just kidding– he decided not to run

Most looking forward to on the field program Hopefully getting to meet Carly! And volunteering for campaigns.

Most noteworthy political memory Writing a letter to President George W. Bush when I was really young and receiving a response with some pictures of his two cute dogs!

If I were president, what would be my first form of action would be Requiring Democrats and Republicans in Congress to have a bi-partisan bonding party sleepover in the White House so we all get to know each other and play get-to-know-you games.

If I was running for president my slogan would be: I’m not running for president, I’m running for majority whip… Or minority nae nae, either one would do.